Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Event Post. People Make Moves!

-Bald-E-Gal's Poachers 10 in the Cloud. Stearns!

-Cal Surf and Friends Droppin Cheers and Bald-E-Gal at Sauce In Minneapolis. Zac Marben and Joe Sexton Parts are rippin.

-Trollhaugen Preseason Rail Jam. Always a great event and turn out.

-Casualties Featuring Videograss with Mikey Leblanc and Darrell Mathes in the attendence.

-Syndicate's Two Years Deep in this project. Sooner Or Later Featuring Cameron Strand, Marie Hucal, Dan Morrison, Cody Sanders, Tony Accuardi, and More. With riding from OH, MI, CA, and MN.

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