Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

-Holden Outerwear's new site is live and super fun to nerd out on. Bored at work just click the link. Don't forget the VG premier at St Anthony Main sponsored by Cal Surf and Zombie.

-Also on the premier front is Vecco productions 9191 at Varsity Theater on the 8th of September. Bjorn will be in the house.

-Joe Sexton had a busy winter. In between coaching The Foundation Snowboard Camp and hangin at the House of 1817, he managed to pull off a feat of great proportions! Props to Joe, you can peep he's promodel right here.

-Skate heads are getting to it and have been all summer, Flow Trash released the 2nd Promo last week. You may have peeped it but I'm strictly backing it up.

-Tom Rohrer Midwest OG getting it at Double Rock.

-Also Jeremy Reeves St Paul killer is on Think. Peep his ish right hur.

-Nesser was on tour with Ipath in Canada, got lots of shots it sounded like. Super hyped.

Off to work I go... HiHoe HiHoe

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