Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tweak It Mag Cover For Me. TWS Cover For Brisse

-Stoked for Dan Beasty from good old MN. Great guy, killer rider who always been pushing his limits and these days he pushing the limits of snowboarding. Props! Peep Dan's ender in NowHere the newest title from Absinthe.

-Joe Mertes has been pushing his Tweaked ideas online. Rumors have it that their may be a Issue dropping?! In the meantime link up at the Blog.

-Hot Dawgs and Handrails just went down last week end. Corduroy west coaster contributor/all around good dood shot and cover the event. Peep his stuff here.

-Finally peeped "In Color" TWS's new flick. Props to Jake Olson-Elm and Ethan "Furby" Deiss on great stuff. If I were you I'd grab a copy. Also Ethan has a check out in the new TWS issue.

-Still waiting to see Peoples "Cheers" with Joe Sexton and Zac Marben sections. Stoked to see that.

-House of 1817 is in full edit mode.

-Syndicate is in full edit mode and premier mode. Time is a tickin and it's feelin sooner.

-Bald-E-Gal Premier Coming up next week.

-Casualties VG Premier with Mikey and Darrel.

-Twolves start Camp this weekend. YEah!

Some Much Popping in the Middle. Fall today Winter tomorrow.


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