Monday, November 1, 2010

Breaking VG News..(News Sounder In Your Head)..

This just came across the news blotter...For Immediate Release and Consumption.

Oct 31, 2010: announces acquisition of second video production company with plans to launch 2 unrelated snowboard action titles for Fall 2011.
Videograss, the makers of Bon Voyage (2010) and Videograss (2009) announced today the acquisition of the crew that brought you In Color (2010), Get Real (2009), and These Days (2008). Videograss founders Mikey Leblanc, Darrell Mathes, Nima Jalali, Mike Hakker, and Lance Hakker have brought in the directors of both projects, Justin Meyer and Joe Carlino, as co-owners of Videograss. For the 2011 season Videograss will be launching two major titles with two separate crews. Each video maintaining the look and feel that you’ve come to expect from both Justin Meyer and Joe Carlino. Along with Joe come Gary Milton and Hayden Rensch, both formerly of Transworld Snowboarding. Videograss is also proud to announce the addition of Eddie Grams formerly of Variety Pack and Riley Erickson formerly of House of 1817 to fill out the roster of accomplished filmers.
"Adding the entire crew that delivered my favorite video of 2010, In Color which was made by Joe Carlino, Gary Milton, and Hayden Rensch, is a huge step for Videograss.  We feel Videograss makes one of the top 5 snowboarding videos in the world yearly, but adding this new title to our business really brings in a huge element to Videograss.  We have now added a big mountain and backcountry element to our video offering.  More importantly we have added a production crew that is deep in experience, with all the filmers being highly motivated and talented individuals that previously owned and or started their own video in past seasons. We feel as a company we can now deliver 2 of the top 5 videos for Winter 2011.”  
-       Mikey LeBlanc.
"Ever since our first Bear videos, Joe and I knew we would work together again sooner or later. Now is the time, and I couldn't be more excited. He gets to keep doing his thing, and myself as well. We got the best snowboarders in the game, and we get to bring in our favorite filmers to match. I can't wait to see what Joe and crew put together this year!"
-       Justin Meyer
“I have been a fan of Videograss and those guys since day one, they are my homeys. I'm hyped to be a part of what they are doing for snowboarding. I hope this whole change can bring the entire snowboard community together as a whole!”
-       Joe Carlino
Harrison Gordon
Alex Cantin
Ben Bilocq
Austin Smith
Bryan Fox
Curtis Ciszek
Alex Andrews
Knut Eliassen
Xavier De La Rue
Ethan Deiss
Jake Kuzyk
Louif Paradis
Jordan Mendenhall
Jon Kooley
Will Tuddenham
Nick Dirks
Darrell Mathes
Gus Engle
Nima Jalali
Justin Bennee
Jake Olson-Elm
Jonas Michilot
Johnny Miller
Jed Anderson
Chris Grenier
Zac Marben
Mikey Leblanc
Justin Meyer
Joe Carlino
Sean McCormick
Gary Milton
Riley Erickson
Hayden Rensch
Eddie Grams
_______________________ was founded in 2008 by Nima Jalali, Mike Hakker, Lance Hakker, Mikey LeBlanc and Darrell Mathes.  They have released two hit titles that were both distributed worldwide by VAS (Video Action Sports). Videograss' first release, titled, Videograss was nominated for Video of the Year by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine.

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