Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

-Bjorn Leines been traveling the Midwest High Fiving, talkin The Shred Remains, and Techin the Celtek. With yours truely, last stop tonight. 

-Tons-O-Sexton coverage to check out on line here two recent thing in one spot on YOBEAT

-Japan powder for me later this season. Dope article in Snowboarder about how to do it under 2G's stoked for this trip. 

-Familia Droppin 5's over at they're Site, Twitter, and Facebook. Mia Premier this weekend at the shop. 

-Nesser all up on the Berrics. Text Yoself

-Twolves Folks have a squad. Fun Stuff down on 1st Ave. B-ease is getting B-eastly.

-Marben all up in the Mammoth Opener. Ripping

Thats it for now. Get out and ride your board. 


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