Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Pop.

Ollies in honor of Bernard Isaacs

Backside One


Early on BS 1, 3's and taps were warm ups on the lower heights. 

Garrett popin

3 1/2ft Squared up. 

Shane Handling 4ft. This was heavy. 

Top Pop. Shane, Nate, and TJ

Victor set out to pay respects to his Grandfather who has Alzheimer's. He came up with a Ollie contest to bring people together in a loose and fun event. It's just you, your board, and bar set at a fixed height. No judge, no judgement, just pop, clear, land, ride away. That or knock the bar to the snow in defeat. 
Simple as snowboarding. There was a great crew of fellas and a lady each putting their snap to the test. Early on, many variations of ollies were clearing the lower heights. Once everyone had plenty of attempts to warm the legs, the event kicked off at the lowest setting. Quickly it was up to 3ft, a solid group popped that. On to that 3 1/2ft ollie which left only 5 standing above the next height of 4ft. With one attempt and legs wavering, Shane Ruprecht popped the 4ft with his new smile. I'll venture to say Victor's Grandpa would've been proud of the overall effort and the great times many shared. 
Thanks to Viktor Simco for a great event, Vans Bob for supporting, Nate for shooting sick foto's, Wild for the energy, and the riders for supporting a fine event. 
This is snowboarding. 

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