Friday, March 18, 2011


With snow not showing it's face due to us ripping it so hard. We started setting out deeper to get the goods. Found it and some great features to shred and film. Cam was fired up. 

Our accommodations have been great. Can you spot the Wolfe?

Went out to eat at a great spot called Rin. Tasty and fun. 

Squid fries for those American eyes. 

Rin. Shoes off.

Sun smiled on us. Off the top for some open bowl turns. 

Kop burning that turn. 

Hey Cam go stand on the Cornice. 

Pop goes the Cron. 

Our man with plans Simon Ramsay pop his bowl. 

Ramsay Park built by Wolfe. Ollie by Wolfe.

Sushi boots.

Medi O Core Family Dinner plus Cam. 

Rolled out even further for the goods. Tiene Sapporo. Cavan missed this spot, serious party foul.

We hiked the moon. 

Ripped while these people worked. 

So deep, So deep, but that leg to sleep.

Ramsay blast.

What a awesome day. Believe. 

Niseko nights. 

So many good times are being enjoyed quietly over here. We've been far enough north that while cancelations in this area leaves it light with people, we haven't been directly effect in any other way. 
Returning to spring shred in the Midwest is sounding awesome. 

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