Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terry Peak With Bald E Gal Plus Some Other Links.

Mike and Martens throwing down for a Mikey P in SD. Terry Peak looks sick might need a road trip west?

-Jake Breed with a St Patty's day twist on a session.

-Rome SDS Crew X Damage Crew = Heavy Shredding and Heavy Partying.

-Make Productions consistent unlike us. Peep the updates.

-Ashbury's own Lance Hakker and Midwestern done good on his own terms RP all up in this Sunday In The P.  Worth a Watch.

-How many "video crews" are going to have a more then few MN footy clips? Too Many! Time to explore. Just thinking out loud, I tend to do that, Deallll wid it.

-Japan is special. Neff is contributing a 100% of the sales of this shirt to relief in Japan.

-Season is slowing down with all the rain and warmth. Looks like Buck, Wild, are open this weekend. Spirit is kicking. Some spots in the U.P. running hours. In Michigan Nubs Nob is having a great event this weekend. On the 14th Boyne Highlands is Planning Spring Board. Get to it while you can. In July you'll wish you would've.

See you on the lips.


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