Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ultraman Revisited

-Loved this show as a kid. Makes me think of my next destination. Last time we were in Hokkaido we build a jump on Nakayama pass which we apply called the Ultraman. Well here's to Ultraman 2! If you want to go to Japan hit up Ashley and his crew Holiday Niseko. Killing it. 

-Rome SDS crew is haunting the middle presently. Look for Larry's good looks, Listen for Lazz's vocal lashing, spy Viktor swooning the ladies, and be still you might see a Mark Wilson. 

-Events Events Events. Just saying if you be your facebook, hello it's blowing up. Late season is always loaded with fun times. Make it count. 

-Have you noticed the mass amount of MN b roll out in the mix?! Big Things. 

Thank you to all the shops and homies for all the support this season. Although it's not over, I thought that need to get shouted out. 


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