Monday, May 12, 2008



Blog Battle/Revisited shred heads 6001. Ok well if you missed Revisited at Spirit this weekend (Kopish) you blew it, in a major way. The weather held off so NO rain. The temps were down so many a tshirt rider were surprised by below the tshirt threshold temps. Many choose to battle it out despite never ending goosebumps. Damage Boardshop hosted in conjunction with their anniversary (Happy Happy). This event wouldn't go down without many a man hour put into the mound of snow still standing. The setup was on point to say the least, small rails, large rails, up rails, jump to flat, rhythm section, wall ride with transfer option, flat box, banked box, u box thing, barrels, tires, hip, shit was getting used. Session started off heavy on the mound-o-jump to flat, well not flat at first but soon enough to say to flat.

Over head air to say the least was being unleashed with late 80's grabs couple with 08 flare. Speaking of flare our man Riley of Newsroom Cinema fame was coming correct with 010 stylee mang watch out cause his nik's are jumpin off now!

Giants Ridge crew was in the house these cats held a heavy session on the long flat bar. The good times contiuned to roll.

The wall feature was being sessioned all day by many a shredder. The Dwellers kids were bring it as well as EC OG of the Damage Crew. Peep some of the Damage?!

Revisited was a great time, Many a thanks to Damage and their whole crew for a awesome event. Happy Birthday to Barry and Victor and Happy Anniversary Damage Boardshop.

Ole' to a Midwest Shred Shop

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Riley said...

we can call it a tie. although you should technically win because you sniped that photo of me with my new style.