Friday, May 23, 2008

And Switch Backlip it is

Untitled from AL Blog Footage on Vimeo.

After much to do about putting this poll to rest Brendan Hayes SS BS Lipper!

Matt From Autumn Line's Email.

So here is the saga of getting this clip for Peter....

1. Pete asks Matt like 15 times to do it, but Matt knows its buried in some Hard Drive somewhere in the closet.
2. Matt Digs through 2 Hard Drives and finds the bad angle.
3. 15 minutes later Matt finds the good angle.
4. Matt uploads the file to Vimeo which takes 1 hour
5. The shot is all jacked and needs to be compressed and taken off Vimeo
6. Matts old version of Final Cut on his laptop doesn't like the clip and freaks out.
7. Marks computer has its startup disk full and it takes awhile to get Final Cut to Open.
8. When Final Cut opens on Marks computer it kicks off the Final Cut on our main computer bc they are the same serial number, causing a 15 minute re-boot delay.
9. Matt Compresses Clip, but it needs De-Interlaced
10. Matt Re-Compresses Clip.
11. Matt loads it to Vimeo.
12. A total of 2 hours required of actual work time to make this clip available.

I emitted the fee portion of this list(13.) as to not compromise my blogs integrity. I most surely will be going down like the Saprano's on this.

Ole' the Switch Backlip'

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