Monday, May 5, 2008

Richard Tucker Miniview

photo.nateharrington courtesynewsroomcinema

Ricky wins Most Slept on Midwest Am. Thought we'd let him share some thoughts and views. Here's our first Miniview on Corduroy. Hope you enjoy.

What was your first brush with sliding sideways?
-i was ten, it was easter in colorado and my instructor handed me my rental board and said "heres your weapon".. thats all it took for me to be hooked.

Who was the first major influence in snowboarding?
-Jaimie lynn for sure, its all about style. then Haakon, and Line

What is the best part to you?
-nipple deep, in the white room, laughing the whole time.

Word association.

curb- stall
snow- ing?
truth- no one
fish- lake
hill- mn
trip- truck
beverage- bloody mary
film- hollywood
rage- against the machine
knowledge- power

Plans for this coming season?
-Get edumacated

Future aspirations?
-To get a clue

Shout outs? Holla at your peeps!
all the kids ive been boardin with forever, anyone whose got my back, and the mother stinkin crewsayders.

Bonus Video. Some last season 2nds please.

video.anthonycappetta courtesynewsroomcinema

Ole' to a Midwest Shred Ricky Tucker.

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