Friday, May 30, 2008

Oakdale Session


So first Digi Cam video, I got it, don't turn the camera that way. Mini movie and bad but I think you get the idea. Sunny day and smooth concrete make for great times.

Rada was getting down in true head fashion. Rada brings style and pop to the session. He's brings a funny energy and is super consistent.

Zed kills it on some many levels. If you haven't skated with him make sure you do before you go. Yeah sounds stupid but you can't get how killer zed is unless you skate with him. He straight murders spots and all obstacles especially the ones you would never consider skating.

London Luke rips, check his intraweb contributions at Lukes coming off a knee injury and hes back in it. Check the weekend party of Beer Up, Bro Down for a first hand account.

Cj and Kyle in the Mix. Cj was ripping, shit that one line wow, bsns grind nollie flip out to shit it don't matter it was first try. I got Kyle's kickflip NS manny in the mini movie.

Nesser, in town longer than he has been in months it seems like, is in full popping force. He was putting together a fun line and i even saw a switch frontside 1 heel, Butters too.

Juri held down the flash in the afternoon, but was putting on the display of bank tricks in lines earlier in the day before the media was pulled out in heavy fashion.

Session rearing to an end, the Wizard shows up to put the roller skating skateboarding magic to the test. He is the Wizard!

Skating was the move this morn.

Ole' the great times.

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Lance Michael Hakker said...

I did that the first time I made a web video. I felt like a douche.