Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family Fun Lutsen

My homie Tom hit me with a Lutsen trip idea, a ride in and ride out condo and a long weekend of shred with Tom and Kop sounded great to me after a short yet fun trip to Whitefish. Feeling like I hadn't ridden enough this season I needed another strong trip to focus on ripping with homies. No contests no expectations just some riding. We launched toward Spirit on the Thursday morning to meet up with Eric Christopherson and get some runs. It had just ice stormed a day or two before we went up. It provided interesting conditions and features which we would rip all weekend. The riding was fast and the fun factor high.

Eric about to rip Spirit's ice pipe

Ripping it

Kop getting some

Way up north is mining country

Crazy big equipment

Lake Superior views on Moose Mtn

Ice Trees all weekend Lutsen was closed Wednesday prior to our Thursday arrival

Kop Ice tree ollie to ice landing

Mystery Mtn

Switch Run Challenge on Eagle Mtn

Eagle Mtn

Midday beer break on the porch

View from the porch

Eric groomed the park Saturday night and came out to ride Sunday

Kop stoked on the sun

Tom too

Celebrate Hamms

Number 1

Trip was fun, thanks Tom for driving! I hope to get some video of us tearing around Eagle soon form Kopish.
I'll blast that when I can.

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