Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sara Winger Winner Volcom PBNJ Finals


Sara went to Mammoth to rip the finals, she stop by before she flew out and had a mindset of ripping it. Well looks like thinks worked out well for young Sarah. Not only does she come up on some loot, but it looks as though she going to be get a interview on Fuel TV's Daily Habit show. Looks like a few other Midwest west kid my have made it but I'm not sure who they are.


You can read some press on Volcom here and Snow-Rev here.

Also Show your Midwest Love and vote for Sara on the Street Team or just check her page.

Ole' Midwest Women Rippers!

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john said...


I noticed a link to our site here. We are going to be updating our domain to SNOWREV.COM and we would appreciate if you can update the link. I can send the new content to your email if you send me a message to reply to. Stoked and thanks a lot.