Sunday, April 12, 2009

Midwest Super Runs

This Superpark was great. Crews of heads from MN, Down State MI, WI, and The U.P. shredded in a great posse of ripping runs love. It was something I'll always remember, all these people are great riders and good friends. Smiles were our prizes, and everyone got first at Midwest Superpark this year. Here's some photo's in reverse of two days I was in Marquette MI.

Started with WII and ended with as well, note the character that Jess made me. Spot on!

Spartan Victory, to bad it didn't work out that well in the end. Funny game. Some Drank.

Jamie watching the Green and White. Wings later were prefect.

Cameron Method note the knees. Tucky.

Brandon tails it is.

Mouse ollie, earlier Mouse Back 3 this super buttery, it was dope.

Levi Method great trick, great dood.

Riley's Twolves for life. Check this super blog with tons of great finds on the interweb world, I've been peeping it a bunch.

Forester and roommates put up about 12-14 heads it seemed like. Jake and Tommy nothing but smiles on this fine afternoon.

Pine Knob crew, Dean, Jackson, Marcus, and a Mouse.

Cameron and Erik

Rob and I

Marie always highfives!

Tent Land, the resting place of shred.

Some of the SUPERPARK event.


Charlie morning pre-run smiles.

Where it ends it shall begin. Matty thanks for the love.

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