Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life Report:season in south sweden. vallasen, vemdalen and beyond

hej corduroy peter, hur ar laget?

mid winter i moved to Halmstad Sweden to be with my girlfriend Sofie. both of us have done alot of seasons and lucky for us there is some shreding to be had 25 minutes away from our new kick ass loc near the ocean. The hill is called Vallåsen and it's just like riding in the midwest but there were only a handful of shreder's. It's also the closest place for the Danish to get on snow- The danish and swedish are very different people for being such close neighbors. to stereotype, the swede's keep it clean and the dirty danish drive a couple hours north to Vallasen and smoke weed, drink on the slopes and dodge babies while bombing down on their snowblades. I saw a creative game of tail-passing a huge pink dildo down the slopes played by some party'n danish.

but yia, Vallasen's hills are spirit mt minnesota in length, three lifts, night riding and the atlantic ocean to your left as you ride down. i met 5 swede-kids who ripped and helped out in the park and we had fun talking broken swedish/english and doing park laps together. season pass price was average and rely's on cold temps and man-made snow to keep it alive til the end of march and is a similar set up to buck hill, troll, wild... the owner of Vallåsen was telling me that he had some family in minnesnowta and goes there often. He new of all our shred spots we talked about where I grew up riding at Hyland. I am workin on that guy to let me do his park since I was shaping it daily anyways...and maybe help to motivate and throw some real events. lot's of potential there.

Vallasen melted off the end of march with farewell sessions on the big booter in the slush slop action. In the beginning of april Sofie and I took off in our RadRocket road tripper north to Vemdalen, Bjornrike and Klovsjo to extend the winter. it's near Ostersund about halfway up the country is rad with terrain- way more than i expected from sweden and 20 feet of snow up there is normal for a season. the three resorts were all on the same pass and close to each other with great parks and terrain. jump comps, high speed butters and getting busted for bringing our own beers to outdoor restaurants were some highlights. staying in a friends cabin, we enjoyed the 8:30 sunsets sweden has this time of year, hitting backyard mini jumps and grilling during our apres shred.

My friend from st. anton austria is picking me up in his van on this wednesday april 29th for a 3 week roadie up to finland, riksgransen and Norway. free lift tickets and hiking... STOKED! POINT IT! CORDUROY!

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