Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Draft Lottery Tuesday. The Bummer High

NBA (David Stern) why does my favorite team get F@CKED in the Draft every year while large market teams win "lotteries" with nary chance.

While Large market teams reload (Philly?, Washington, Nets).

While warm weather/large market cities get the all top free agents (i.e. you can't wait for that one guy who plays for Cleveland to leave).

While Boston/LA go the finals ever other year.

I smell I smell PUSSY and some serious Business BULLSHIT in your game!

And Yes I AM PISSED. I mean 13 times nothing to show. No #1's No #2's You pull, what, 5 picks from us so we can't build around KG who you're pissed at cause he broke your bank. You BABY. He peaces to Boston and pow he wins a championship and we get the dick.


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