Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Draft Lottery Tuesday.

Interview: John Makens at Remind Insoles from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

-Makens in depth interview on what Remind is to us.

-While the NBA season marches on, It was LA's win last night that briefly hosed the fire that is the player who I will not mention media firestorm over his choice of residence. I know one thing half of Akron moving with him if he goes.

-Is the NBA the only professional sports league that doesn't understand parody? Lakers vs. Celtics = Boring in my book.

-Well my NBA season starts tonight. Most the fellas in this zone feel the same way.

-Hope the basketball god allow this guy to come to the team! If not just another year of getting hosed like a Thai New Years Celebration.

-Luck be a Lady tonight.

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