Friday, May 14, 2010

Funday Friday.

-Tomorrow Night UPtown another Artist lays waste to the wall at Familia.

-Good Night Tonight Good Bye. Rich Whinnie invasion is winding down.

-Sorry Cleveland, I was onboard. Now I have to hear about the player I won't mention all summer long. I'm a fan and all but ESPN just dropped about 45mins of talk and speculation in one hour long Sportscenter. BOO!

-Did you know that Corduroy Issue .5 is online and downloadable. Thanks for all of the support and kind words.

-Being a Timberwolves fan my favorite part of the season just started. Yep Draft Lottery time. Tuesday we find out if we're cursed by the departure of the Best MN Basketball team.

-As a Fan of another fledgeling MN sports team, I've found Following this Blog as a great waste of time.

-Rasa Libre welcome's Max Van Armen who Field says reminds him of a young Reese Forbes.

-Finally Sunday Afternoon get to the South Side for a Video Premier of English proportions.

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