Friday, May 7, 2010

Funday Friday.

-Tonight starting around 9 at Casey's True Heads Decks from Familia are released for the 4th time. Who's it going to be?

-Looks like art is in the air over here. back to back openings.

-Nevermind the evil and darkness you often see on House Of. There's a lot of Holy Shit going on.

-Deadline for this thing is coming down to this coming week. Get your entry in (if you plan to).

-Ryan Paul's WCI win getting more coverage. Broken Collar bone, check! All Smiles, check. Big grill of loot, check!

-St Cloud Skate Plaza is coming. The Fellas over at The Youth Shelter Supply have been hustling to get this done. Props!

-I found out this week that some people think "core" still exists in Skate and Snow?! haha.

-BREAKING NEWS-Rich Whinnie soon to be in MN. Sorry about all this.

-Next weekend celebrate the birth of a great shop.

-Sooner Or Later?


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